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Guaranteeing safe water for 12,000 people in the fan village every day, “Qiantang Smart Manufacturing” appeared in the World Cup in Qatar

Hangzhou Daily News On November 21, the much-anticipated 2022 World Cup opened in Qatar. In Qatar, where “water is more expensive than oil”, how to supply water to supporters’ villages is an important issue. As the battleground for the “hard power” competition of big brands in the world, “Qiantang Smart Manufacturing” – Leo Pump Group (hereinafter referred to as “Leo Pump”) appeared in Qatar and provided solutions for using water housing projects for competitions.

The fresh water resources during the World Cup basically come from “seawater desalination”. Fan Village water supply in Qatar has extreme environmental conditions, low water supply efficiency, high demand for concentrated use by tourists, need to guarantee water security, and short construction period High efficiency, energy saving, and durable water supply systems are particularly important . After estimating the flow of people and water usage, Leo Pumps tailored a set of competition water solutions for it, and won the bid for 78 sets of constant pressure variable frequency water supply systems for the Qatar World Cup housing project, and can guarantee the safety of 12,000 people in Pentref y Fan every day using water.

“This is the bathroom, and our Leo pump supports the water supply. When you turn on the faucet, the water will feel like a massage on the human body, which means that the pump under full pressure and running stable.” The reporter sent a video presentation, “We have set up many simple and efficient functions, such as setting the water pressure with one button and automatically adjusting the speed, which is convenient for quick to install and debug, and use, and also allow fans to have a better water experience.” The other highlight is the Leo smart chip equipped with the water pump system, which can realize online water pump operation data monitoring, remote equipment failure pre-check, and quick response in case of problems.

The reporter learned that considering the need to transport the equipment from China to Qatar, Leo Pump also adopted an integrated universal skid supply in the cross-country transportation to simplify the difficulty of installation on site. The relatively small equipment occupies a small area, which not only saves time and cost in installation, but also reduces construction costs and improves land use.

It is worth noting that Wang Xiangrong, the founder and chairman of Leo Pumps, is one of the first twelve outstanding alumni of Zhejiang Gongshang University. He started his business in Wenling in 1995 and entered the market of technical services. In April this year, Leo Five settled its corporate headquarters in Qiantang.

“Being able to participate in international sporting events is a confirmation of the quality of our products. It is an honor for us to show our strength on the global stage. “Said the relevant person responsible for the International Marketing Center of Leo Pumps. In fact, this is not the first time that Leo Pumps has participated in an international event. At the beginning of this year, the construction of the Yunding Ski Park command center and exhibition center in the Zhangjiakou competition area of ​​the Beijing Winter Olympics also had its presence.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Reporter Shi Junjie Qiantang Weirong Circle Hao Shuang Editor: Wang Hao

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