[Gwybodaeth Maes]Can all handheld switches be DLC? The new XBox Elite is not included

Friends often ask which game controller should I buy for computer games, and the author’s answer is always “Xbox controller”. Without it, Windows is Microsoft, and so is XBox. So, whether you play Steam or Game Pass, which has become popular in recent years, an XBox controller can definitely handle 90% of the needs of a game controller, and XBox controllers are divided into advanced and normal versions, and the advanced version will provide a key Plugin for users to customize.

However, recently, Microsoft has launched a 2-generation series Core version, where the handle is changed to a white design, and the button accessories provided by the previous normal version have been sold separately. If you buy this version for the white color , the total is better than the original version It is $100 more expensive, but if you are not interested in changing the high mushroom switch and the extra keys on the back, it’s acceptable to add a few hundred more to buy anti-slip handle, metal keys, and adjustable weight LTRT keys.

XBox Elite Series 2 Core
XBox Elite Core Complete Parts Pack

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