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Light novel comprehensive information website “Ranobe News Online” is looking for part-time staff (with full-time appointment) to further expand content and services in the future. We are looking for multiple people who can think of content together, such as the operation of the news media “Ranobe News Online”, the production of the free paper “Ranobe NEWS Offline”, and other new challenges to excite the industry.progress.In this recruitmentFor those who like light novelsorInterest in media managementSuch,An inexperienced person can applyin.

The main business of Ranobe News Online is broad, including writing articles and manuscripts, planning projects, interviewing events and interviews, and selling to publishers.Initially, you will be involved in writing and producing articles and various miscellaneous tasks.. Article production is set as a step up to carry out various projects, and we hope that you will engage in various tasks while producing articles carefully and accurately.Quite an interesting post for those who like light novelsI think I can be a part of Please note that we are not a publisher.

If you would like to work for “Light Novel News Online”, please check the application requirements below and apply using the inquiry form.

■ Guidelines for part-time staff for applying for a Ranobe News Online job

Business Content】

● Operation of the news media “Ranobe News Online”

– Collecting/organizing article material, writing/producing articles

– Various coverage and interviews such as events

– Invent new plans and create specifications for new functions

● Production of the free paper “Ranove NEWS Offline”

– Writing a manuscript

– External negotiations with printing companies and installation shops

In addition, you will be involved in a wide range of other tasks such as sales, planning and producing new content, and devising page designs, but initially you will be mainly involved in basic work.

[Pobl rydyn ni eisiau]

・Those who like light novels

・Those who want to excite the light novel industry

・ Those with a challenging spirit

・ Those who are diligent and can act proactively

・ Those who can logically analyze, review and improve problems

・ Those who can prioritize the people involved rather than being self-centred

*Educational background, gender and age are not required.

* Due to the location of work and interview work, it is desirable to be a person who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo, or who can consider moving to work.

In addition, we are looking for people who can think and act on their own, such as “I want to make light novels for women more exciting!”

In addition, although it will be a part-time position at the time of recruitment, we also welcome full-time employees and highly motivated people who can actively aim for full-time employees.

[Trosolwg o’r gwaith]

Company name: Days Co., Ltd. (https://www.days365.co.jp/)

Compensation: negotiable (hourly wage system)

Work location: Wakamatsu Building 4F, 3-3-6 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Nearest station: JR Kanda Station (6-minute walk) / JR Shin-Nihonbashi Station (1-minute walk) / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Hanzomon Line Mitsukoshimae Station (2-minute walk) / Kodemmacho Line Hibiya Station (6-minute walk minute) )

Employment form: part-time position (regular employee appointment system available)

Working days: 5 days a week (In principle, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are closed / This may not be the case if there is an interview, etc.)

Working hours: 10:00-19:00

【Application method】

Applications are only accepted via the contact form. In the inquiry form, fill in the necessary information ([enw][oed][rhyw][yr orsaf agosaf at adref][hunan-hyrwyddo][barn ac argraffiadau am nofelau ysgafn ar-lein][hanes gwaith][argraffiadau nofelau ysgafn chi wedi darllen yn ddiweddar (Tua 200 i 300 nod)]) and send it. After the first selection (based on email), those who succeed in the first selection will be interviewed for the second selection (possible online) and the final interview will be decided. *The number of interviews may change from the schedule.

Feel free to write about your strengths, your favorite light novels, authors you want to interview (why you want to interview them), etc. If you have experience with commercial media on the web, please also include the URL of the article or website.

[Cymerir amser i ymuno â’r cwmni]

December 2022 to approximately January 2023

*It is possible to consider the timing of joining the company to some extent.

*Those who have passed the first screening will be notified by email of the candidate’s date for the second screening interview within two weeks of applying.

*Please note, if we do not hear from you within 2 weeks of your request, we will not accept your request.

*Applications will be closed as soon as the proposed number of applicants is reached.

■ Click here to apply

⇒ Inquiry form

*Please apply with the subject line “Part-time staff recruitment”. Please note that if the subject is incorrect, it will not be eligible for entry.

*The personal information you send will be used for the purpose of recruitment selection only. It will not be used or used for any other purpose. All information will be destroyed after the end of the recruitment activity.

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