Ha Hee-ra’s ‘Race’ ♥ Choi Soo-jong, who is the main star of Ojakgyo who helped a secret lover?

‘Radio Star’ calls actress Ha Hee-ra from the lavish wedding she held with her husband Choi Soo-jong 29 years ago. Then, he stirs up curiosity by talking about Ojakgyo’s top star, who helped him during his secret affair with Choi Soo-jong.

MBC’s high-quality talk show ‘Radio Star’ (designed by Kang Young-seon / directed by Lee Yoon-hwa), scheduled to air at 10:30pm on the 28th, will include a special feature called ‘Two Much That Japchae’ with Ha Hee-ra, Lim-ho, Kim Young-cheol, and Jung Gyu-woon.

Ha Hee-ra played a major role as a representative teenage star in the 1980s, and was painted as the original book supporting goddess who won the hearts of weak men. After marrying Choi Soo-jong in 1993, they have established themselves as a representative couple in the entertainment industry and the envy of the public.

Ha Hee-ra, who returned to ‘Ras’ after two years, catches the eye by revealing her unchanging love with Choi Soo-jong. He, who celebrated his 29th wedding anniversary this year, is drawing attention by revealing behind the scenes a commemorative wedding photo taken with Choi Soo-jong on his wedding anniversary last year.

On the ‘Radio Star’ today, a video of Ha Hee-ra and Choi Soo-jong’s wedding ceremony was released surprisingly, and it is said that the MCs and guests were impressed by the beautiful presentation. In addition, he raises curiosity by saying that there was a top star who helped the two of them when they were in a secret relationship.

In addition, Ha Hee-ra shares an anecdote she experienced when she and Choi Soo-jong appeared together on a couple’s variety shows. He piqued curiosity by admitting that he was surprised by the expression of love between Choi Soo-jong, the king of the end of his relationship.

Ha Hee-ra remembers the days of the book goddess of rest with freshness. He said he is familiar with various commercials and is going to give a little hint of the secret to becoming a make-up commercial goddess. At the same time, an appalling (?) parallel theory is expected to be released with actress Park Eun-bin, who has emerged as a popular actor.

On the other hand, on this day’s ‘Radio Star’, broadcaster Do Kyung-wan, who gathered a lot of attention for his two-year relationship with singer Yoon-jung Jang, makes a surprise appearance as a special MC. Do Kyung-wan stirs curiosity by saying that he forms an unexpected sympathy with Choi Soo-jong and Ha Hee-ra.

The full story of two lovers with her husband Choi Soo-jong, narrated by Ha Hee-ra, can be found on ‘Radio Star’, which will be broadcast at 10:30pm on the 28th.

Meanwhile, ‘Radio Star’ is getting a lot of love as a unique talk show that brings out the real story by disarming the guests with talk of a rustic murder that the MCs don’t know where to go. go

Ho-Young Lee / photo courtesy of MBC

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