Happy and painful

By noting the message “9 months of waiting, today I have seen the loving face of father and mother #Nong Chanon End of waiting. thank you a child born Thank you to the sky that made us meet Canon Chatchanon Sinchuen Thank you for all the encouragement. Thanks for all the comments.

On the side of Nas Jutharat, the young woman reveals the first moment of her son. together with a caption such as “The wait is over. thank you child born Thank you, Fa, for making us meet Chanon, Master Chatchanon Sinchuen.”

Recently, Nas also revealed the feeling of starting life as a mother. By posting a message on Facebook again, stating that “Pain is extremely happy, thank you Canon for coming to fill the father and mother.”

and still commented under said post “It hurts more than any surgery I’ve ever had in my life. But the mother’s heart fights a lot, afraid to hold the baby. Thank you all brothers and sisters for loving me”.

Happy and painful

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