Happy Mother’s Day to all of our great moms from West Papua

Happy Mother’s Day to all our grandmothers from Melanesia, West Papua.

You are strong and beautiful women and so many of you have inspired us to continue to fight for our freedom and for our next generation to one day have their freedom in West Papua.

Dear Mom,

You raised your children with sincere love, you guide your children with the education of wisdom. When your children create an offense, you have advised your children with the wisdom of your Melanesian culture. When your children were arrested and imprisoned, you went to visit your children even when the Indonesian authorities tried to prevent you. Today, I remember mom, when I sat next to mom in the guard room, you start to greet me, Herman, how is your health these days? I’m fine mom, but I really apologize for bringing you to jail to see me as always. Thank you for your love, mom!

– Herman Wainggai, Washington D, C. America

I hope to have the chance to sit next to you, eat sago our traditional food with dad and enjoy the sun near the beach and all our country of blessings one day!


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