Has there been a war… The citizens of Gangneung trembled in fear all night

Gangneung Camel Crash During South Korea-US Surface-to-Site Missile Launch
Citizens who did not receive a guide lost their anxiety throughout the night

Video capture from an online community called ‘Gangneung Explosion Accident’. / photo = online community

In response to North Korea’s intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) provocation, the military authorities fired a surface-to-surface missile that crashed into the Gangneung area.

On the 5th, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The other night, at a range near the 18th Air Force Fighter Wing (18B), South Korea and the United States launched two surface-to-surface missiles, ATACMS missiles and Hyunmoo, into the sea one shot fell off due to abnormal flight right after launch,” he said.

According to military authorities, there have been no casualties so far in the camel accident. The exact cause of the accident is under investigation.

The night before, on various online communities, videos and photos were uploaded that appeared to have taken place in the vicinity of 18 Rain, causing confusion.

Among netizens who were not even informed about the training, there are all kinds of speculations such as “Did the plane crash”, “Is it a missile fired by North Korea”, “Is there a fire?” and “Isn’t he training?”

The fact that the report of South Korea and the United States firing in response to a face-to-face missile embargo on the morning of the same day (reporting time delayed) raised the concern and curiosity of netizens. It is known that the army intends to publish its position on the same day.

Hong Min-seong, reporter at Hankyung.com [email protected]

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