Have curry! Chelsea pretend to give fake FIFA 23 stats to Mount (clip)

England midfielder Fooled by fake stats in FIFA 23 that left him speechless.

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has been teased with fake speed stats in FIFA 23.

It’s a football color every year when a new installment of the famous football series is released. where famous football players will receive a power card with limited edition games

In the Blues this year, Chelsea and EA Sports chose to brake Mason Mount by making a fake stat card with a pace of just 69, less than many on the team including Jorgin. Jo even made him shake his temples, unable to speak amid the laughed at his teammates. before being addressed later That his speed was 74, his total stats were 84.

Watch the full clip here: https://www.facebook.com/ChelseaFC/videos/2662043470592462/

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