Having lost my beloved grandfather, “Som Marie”, working for a job, there was no chance to say goodbye.

newslosscontinue to happen Where yesterday the famous influencer Fluke Gon lost his doll mother. gone suddenly Arrived this evening, October 4, 65, there was sad news of a rising star singer. Marie Orange that the person’s IG has come out to inform the sad news thatlost grandfatherhe went peacefully and said Grandpa will get to meet Grandma. On my own side, I have work that I have to do every day, I don’t get the chance to say goodbye to my grandfather. So she asked her mother to say goodbye instead. Marie Eugenie Le Lay or Som is a 30-year-old Thai-French female singer (born on March 2, 1992). She was informed about the LG Starz Talent competition stage in the year .2008

Marie Orange is 1 in 5 peopleThe winner of the competition Entered the label as an artist, GMM Grammy, currently has music with the label Spicy Disc along with being a youtuber Known for covering a song on Youtube as zommarie who stands out for making clips of opening random boxes. And there are many beautiful songs, most recently, going one step further, Som Marie made her first international song, sending Bubble (Bubble), the brilliance that invites smiles, and in 2022, Som Marie has her first solo concert at ZOMMARIE LA. LUNE CONCERT Som Marie graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Arts program. Rangsit University Faculty of Communication Arts Radio and Television Broadcasting Program

Som Marie graduated with first class honours, Master’s degree, College of Digital Innovation and Information Technology. Rangsit University

A song by Som Marie

A song close to you…but not too close together with Jetsupa Kruetang

Pupé BNK48 Original Fan Song

A wink song

Song Far away… Miss you I’m Sea U OST, I love the sea… with you

Song: I don’t know, soundtrack for the drama Lomphrai Puek Rak

Forgotten Person Song OMG Soundtrack

The first coffee song I wrote myself.

Love Song Like Friend Not Like Love

Amazed Song

Jump and Play Album

Love you song with Kritchanok Suay Sod

Ab song with Kritchanok Suay Sod

Song “The Face of Love” with Kritchanok Suay Sod

Song Knowing Slowly with Kritchakanok Suaysod, the theme song for Mae Pia Dua

The song Stubborn, Heartless, with Kritchanok Suaysad, the soundtrack of the drama General

Song Just Because

Song Of The Day You Have To Go

A Music Moment with Opavier

The song is stuck here under Spicydisc.

Love to Mantra song with MVL

Music, consolation prize with LAZYLOXY

Another world song with Pramote Pathan

Music or so I thought

A Once in a Lifetime Song with Sukonwat Kanaros

random music box

Song Bubble (Bubble), the first international song in Som Marie’s life.

Marie Orange

Som Marie's grandfather

Marie Orange

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