He lived two million years ago … the discovery of a fossil frog in Argentina

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Argentine scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of a frog that lived in central Buenos Aires nearly two million years ago, according to Agence France-Presse.

“We don’t know much about prehistoric frogs,” said Federico Aniolan, researcher at the Argentine Institute of Natural Sciences, at the Science Publishing Agency at the National University of Matanza.

He also added: “frogs and frogs are highly affected by climate and environmental changes, so they are an important source of information to understand past climates.”

This was discovered at a depth of 44 meters during the drilling of a water well in San Pedro, 180 kilometers north of Buenos Aires.

The researcher stressed that the scientists found the bone of the arm of a very small amphibian being different from the pelagae and the dead frogs of trees.

He emphasized that the petite fossil was identified despite its size because the petroats; It is a group of amphibians, including frogs and toads, with a special structure at the tip of the humerus in the elbow joint. This special structure provides it with great ductility to make quick movements and stability. “The discovery is a great contribution to paleontology in Argentina,” said Federico Aniolan.

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