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The remains of a human sacrificed child were found in Peru thousands of years ago. These ancient humans practiced human sacrifice by drugging the neck and cutting the head into a trophy shape. In addition to the child, anthropologists have also found the remains of 21 victims of human sacrifice.

This human sacrifice took place between 3500 BC and 476 BC , which is described as the Pre-Hispanic period. Remnants of this barbarism were found in Peru along the southern coast. Archaeologists have started digging here since 1982.

Investigators have not been able to determine the gender or age of the child. But at the time of death, the child was given an intoxicating plant called San Pedro. It is assumed that this is also part of the ceremony. This is a plant that is not found in the coastal areas of Peru. So, archaeologists have studied how this intoxicating plant got here.

The researchers found the definitive information by examining the hair of the mummies recovered from here. The leaves of the coca plant, from which cocaine is produced, were also given to victims before human sacrifice. It is believed that coca leaves came here from the forests of the Amazon. Although there is evidence of the use of coca leaves between 450 BC and 100 BC, this is the first known use of coca leaves before then.

Dagmara Socha, a researcher at the University of Warsaw in Poland, led the study. Socha and his team found the remains of the sacrificial bodies, their clothes, pottery and sewing tools. Among these is a bag believed to have been used to transport coca leaves. The study is published in full in the December issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

English Summary: Before Being Ritually Sacrificed, This Nazca Child Was Drugged With Psychedelics

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