He was studying in class 12 that day! There wasn’t even a relationship..! – Namita Pramod

Namitha Pramod is an actress who rose to prominence in the Malayalam film world as a heroine at a young age by playing different characters. Namitha Pramod is now speaking openly about her experiences in the film. Namitha shared her experiences in an interview given to an online channel. The performance of each character in the film is based on real life experiences

Namitha openly says that she feels like she would belong. The actress said in the interview that she always felt like that I was studying in twelfth standard when I was doing the film Chandratan Gereya.. Namitha says.. Namitha played Dileep’s heroine in that film.. Namitha said that the character that movie is very complicated. I didn’t even have a relationship then.

But… later in life every event has changed a lot in my performance as an actress.. Many situations in life have affected me. Now when you are in every situation, you can relate it to every event in your life.

Namitha says.. Meanwhile. Namitha Eesho’s upcoming film is playing heroine Jayasuriya in the film. Other films the actor has committed to include Kadei, Cup and a Ranjith film.

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