Health insurance teens: 68 years lose their job and health insurance. What now? | The kids from health insurance

The critical document you need to have is a letter from your employer, preferably addressed to you and your wife, stating the exact date your current plan ends.

Social Security may also require confirmation from the health insurance company that your employee’s coverage is “credible”. Basically, this means it meets or exceeds federal minimum standards.

Tom: Hopefully with the paperwork, your Medicare Part B and supplement or benefit plan will start on November 1st.

We often advise people in Napa to go directly to the Social Security office on Soscol Avenue to begin the process. Unfortunately, our local office has been closed and they recommend going online to apply.

Al: The same document from the employer that works for Ray will also work for Ray’s wife. The loss of group coverage is considered a “qualifying event” and therefore your under-65 plan is guaranteed to begin on November 1st as well.

We can definitely help you explore all plans that are compliant with the Affordable Care Act and available to you as well.

Speaking of which, Covered California just sent an email (September 10th) telling us that there is now a special enrollment period for those who have lost a job or an income or have suffered a reduction in income.

As with the previous Special Enrollment Period for Loss of Group Coverage, this is also valid for 60 days from the date of the event.


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