Health manager Dr. Lutz hopes COVID-19 outbreak will be a wake-up call | News

SPOKANE, Washington – With approximately 38 COVID-19 hospitalizations at Providence Healthcare and MultiCare at this time, Dr. Bob Lutz, health manager at Spokane, said it was time to comply with recommendations from health officials .

“This is certainly the most positive case for COVID that we have had in the hospital for some time,” said Lutz.

To date, June 26, there are 1,167 confirmed cases COVID-19 in Spokane County, up 45 from yesterday.

“Going back is going to be very, very difficult for several reasons,” said Lutz. “What we need to do to move forward is really, in a meaningful way, to fight the pandemic by walking away physically, by wearing the face covers that are now legally required when you are in public … and by doing everything we talked about for weeks if not months … but unfortunately I haven’t followed up in the last month.

Lutz said at the start, when people were more strict about physical distance from others, the case curve flattened quickly.

“Unfortunately, our curve is no longer flat, it is climbing,” said Lutz.

Spokane County Public Health Department, June 26

Lutz said health officials have spoken of a second wave coming in the fall, but now, with current projections, there may well be an extended first wave.

Will it be an awakening? Lutz hope.

“Health systems are very concerned about what they are seeing right now and the projections they are modeling … Let me look at what might be stressing the health system over the next two weeks.”

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