HILITE: JAS-JASIF rose, received green light to sell investment in TTTBB-JASIF to

JAS-JASIF rose at 10.19 am with JAS plus 3.01%, or increased by 0.08 baht to 2.74 baht, trading value 125.82 million baht from the opening price of 2.70 baht, the highest price 2.78 baht, the lowest price 2.68 baht.

JASIF plus 0.59% or an increase of 0.05 baht to 8.50 baht, trading value 52.09 million baht.

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Jasmine International Public Company Limited (JAS) No. 1/2022 held on 23 September 20, a meeting via electronic media (E-EGM), decided to approve the sale of Investments in subsidiaries and related parties and the delegation of authority with a vote of not less than three-fourths of the total votes of the shareholders who attend the meeting and have the right to vote Not to count the equity of the shareholders with interests The details of the voting are as follows:

The number of shares of the shareholders who attend the meeting and have the right to vote on this agenda is equal to 5,297,976,587 shares, none of them had the right to vote on this agenda, there were decisions’ r meeting as follows:

5,149,909,316 votes were approved, which equates to 97.2052 percent

Disagree 148,015,271 votes or 2.7938 per cent

He withheld 52,000 votes, which equates to 0.0009 percent.

          บัตรเสีย               0 เสียง

Nomura Securities Pattanasin noted in the analysis that the decision of the JAS shareholders’ meeting to approve the sale of investments in TTTBB and JASIF to AWN (a subsidiary of ADVANC) will alleviate concerns about the success of this transaction. And JAS shareholders have the opportunity to receive special dividends after the completion of this transaction. The JAS share price on Friday did not react to the approval.

There are still 2 more steps to follow: 1. The results of the JASIF unit holders meeting on 18 October 65 and 2. The share and unit trust transaction between JAS and AWN has been approved by the NBTC. This is expected to be completed in 1Q23. If this transaction is completed, JAS is expected to record a special profit before tax of approximately 10,321 million baht through the consolidated financial statements for the period 1Q16 and the preliminary assessment is expected to pay a special dividend per share of 0.96 baht (yield 36%)

For future business after selling broadband business Initially, the management said it will operate 4 business groups, namely 1. Content business 2. Office space rental business 3. Lease line business and 4. Bitcoin mining business, Blockchain , AI.

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