his latest result? Successfully build an NBA finalist in … a year and a half

Pat Riley isn’t just one of the greatest coaches in history, the kind of guy that five-ring champion would love. A rather violent phrase for a simple preamble, but since Saint Patoche left the Knicks to join Florida, the CV has grown, year after year, generation after generation of players. And after another title in 2006 as head coach and two more in 2012 and 2013 as manager, he is now in the presidency of the president who could increase his trophy count to … ten. Heune-Beuh-Lit-Vas-Bol.

The most incredible of all this? It is because this team of the Heat, built intelligently until then is true, above all it passed a real stage in the summer of 2019, even if few had glimpsed it then. Few people but not Pat Riley who, like so many times, probably already knew what he was doing, where HIS franchise would go in the future… very close. Already an eminent member of Team Nez Fin in June 2017 when the Heat drafted a certain Bam Adebayo with pick 14 (despite great doubts at the time about his offensive potential), Pat Riley then went on to mixtape live from the fax, a cigar in hand and the small laptop in the other. Was the basketball world struggling with Project Heat? A project that saw Riley swing the first two rounds of Draft in 2015 to recover from the complicated Goran Dragic case? Minute papillon, in South Beach we have many ideas, and when Dwyane Wade arrives at the … Bulls (yes, if) drops this phrase in the locker room, a phrase that may have officially taken the Heat to a new dimension because listened to by Jimmy Butler with the sequel you know:

“You only realize the power of ‘Culture of Heat’ once after joining another team. “

He understands from the Heat culture a certain all-consuming passion for victory, whatever the cost, and month after month Pat Riley then continues his small market, taking crazy bets that don’t really make us jump today. We are talking about the addition of young Kendrick Nunn, Derrick Jones Jr. and above all Duncan Robinson, three players … not drafted, because the real circuits are not always what you think. We are talking about Tyler Herro’s Draft in 2019, a name given to the Godfather of Miami by … Bam Adebayo, spirit of the Wildcats, and we are obviously talking about the last bricks of a wall today in the NBA Finals, the shot in produced twice between July 2019 and last February by Patoche and his boys. 6 July 2019, the Heat bid farewell to three second rounds of Draft and recover KZ Okpala. Spoiler, it’s not THE big fish Florida executives wanted because minutes later, Hassan Whiteside, Josh Richardson and a first round of Draft leave for Portland, Philly, and Los Angeles as the all-bandwagoners’ favorite franchise reclaims de la mune, Meyers Leonard and … Jimmy Butler. Here we are. A true leader to supervise the Heat youths, certainly of character but who will be well supervised and by guys who inspire respect? Fit-by-done. Perfect fit… and it’s not over yet, because in February Jimmy will see no fewer than three luxurious assistants unloading in the ward of respected and respectable veterans. Solomon Hill, boar, Jae Crowder, oh, Andre Iguodala, wow. Three alumni from Memphis, and if at the time it was hard for Heat fans to part with … Justise Winslow, I’m not sure these same fans still think of Justise more than once a week today …

So this is Pat Riley. Two good shots to the Draft, a future he caught up in Phoenix and today in the form of his 35 broom life, the underground circuit swept to recover the ones nobody wants, and especially this double masterstroke in July 2019 and February 2020 to add a huge dose of talent / leadership / experience to a bunch of guys who just wanted to get their asses kicked. Pat Riley style, made in popopopop.

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