“Hon Hai Attacks Quantum Computer” Liu Yangwei: Towards F3.0 Technology Hon Hai’s Important Weapon | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Hon Hai (2317-TW) Chairman Liu Yangwei said today (12) that if quantum technology is a key technology to change the world in the future, then in the 3+3 application field of Hon Hai Group, quantum computing is moving towards “F3.0 Technology Hon Hai “An important weapon.

Liu Yangwei said that as the growth rate of computer hardware slows down and the computing power of traditional computers is approaching saturation, in recent years, quantum computers have been hailed as the next-generation solution with their powerful computing speed and capabilities. An important technology that drives artificial intelligence, next-generation communications, semiconductors, and IT security changes.

The Hon Hai Research Institute also continues to innovate in quantum scientific research and quantum computer research and development. In addition to letting the world see Hon Hai’s soft and hard power in forward-looking technologies, it also finds out the important positioning of Taiwan and Hon Hai Group in the world of quantum technology.

Liu Yangwei said that although Taiwan has a late start in the quantum field than the international one, Taiwan has the world’s top semiconductor industry and is the best help for the development of quantum computers. It can accelerate hardware research and development to catch up with international forward-looking technologies as soon as possible. We look forward to the continuation of quantum computers. Taiwan’s semiconductor advantage creates the next industrial miracle.

Liu Yangwei further pointed out that in the future, a series of intellectual property rights must be established on key technologies, including fault-tolerant computing, quantum sensing, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, etc., while actively investing in the research and development of quantum computer hardware to continue the advantages of the semiconductor industry. Start with the design and production of quantum computers, and then develop the key technologies of quantum computers and peripheral devices.

However, Liu Yangwei also pointed out that there are still many technical bottlenecks that need to be broken for quantum computers to truly take advantage of their advantages and their quantum applications mature. The joining of international talents is an urgent task at this stage.

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