Honda Thai launches Forza350, Wave125i and ADV160

Honda Thai, the leader in the Thai motorcycle industry Launching the game in the last quarter of 2022, with the aim of creating maximum customer satisfaction With the launch of the “All New Forza350”, a large state-of-the-art scooter. New design around the car, sporty luxury style, fierce. full of fully available technology Meet the lifestyle in the digital age. Launched and sold in Thailand as the first in the world. and remove the joy of driving With the all-time favorite family motorcycle, the latest All New Wave125i and the SUV Bike that Thai people are most interested in, the ADV160 All New brings new power from the eSP + engine and a design that meets the needs of urban use. Ready to sell from today.

Mr revealed Shigeto Kimura, Chairman of the Executive Board, Thai Honda Company Limited, that “Honda follows market conditions. And the situation of motorcycle users in Thailand is close. Recently, the economy has started to improve. As a result, demand in the motorcycle market in Thailand has continued to increase.”

“Honda is ready to provide happiness to meet the needs of Thai people. With the launch of 3 new models at once, all of them flagship models. One of them is the launch of the All New Forza350, considered the first time in the world in Thailand, known as the World Premiere, this time modified to be sports. It is a top class large scooter. The other two models include the All New Wave125i, a new family car that will reinforce its reputation as a popular car in Thailand, and the All New ADV160, an SUV that comes with a new power upgrade with an eSP engine + and a new design that responds to the problems of more urban use.”

All New Forza350 comes with the Ride The Exceptional concept comes with a new design. Sporty, elegant, more than expected, aggressive beyond the class Combined with the latest technology with the most powerful performance Ready to connect with digital lifestyles Outstanding in every way With design headlights new, Dual LED Head light, catches all eyes and new premium Sport design tail lights that match perfectly with the lines around the car. And clearly, better with a New Multi-Function Gauge Design, allowing drivers to experience the feeling of Sport Luxury for every route they take. is the way anyone must accept it

All New Forza350 is powered by eSP + 330 cc power, as powerful as you want, increase power. reduce friction Continuous power, full performance with advanced technology that improves the driving experience to be confident in the control with the HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) system to detect and control the front and rear wheels to be connected Prevent the car from losing balance Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) Automatic emergency light signal in case of sudden braking. Super Bike safety standards and 2-Channel ABS (Anti-Brake System) front and rear braking systems prevent the wheels from locking during sudden braking.

Take your driving experience to the next level with safety-enhancing technology. And convenience for All New Forza350 with Honda Smartphone Voice Control System (HSVCs) Safety … you can order! with a voice command system on a smartphone Smart technology from Honda Easy to connect Through the Honda RoadSync application, various functions can be controlled by voice and by pressing the bar switch. without taking your eyes off the road and exposed to a superior identity in every route With the electrically adjustable front windscreen which can be adjusted up to 150 mm in height, helping to reduce the wind on the face while driving better. Add another level of convenience with Honda Smart Key, an intelligent remote and In-Console USB Charger & Bottle Holder, which stores the front console that supports digital lifestyles with a versatile backup charger.

The All New Forza 350 is available in two sub-models: Roadsync Type (equipped with HSVCs) Yes, it comes with gold wheels. With a recommended price of 181,000 baht and the Standard Type model, there are 4 colors to choose from, including Black (Matte Black), Grey-Black (Smoky Grey), Red (Red) and Blue (Blue). . Recommended price is 179,000 baht with options. Extras to add uniqueness With a styling package available in two models, including Forza Nitron Neon TH1, suggested price 221,800 baht, Forza Yoshimura Gcraft Rising Spirit TH2, suggested price 206,900 baht * Nitron Neon Edition styling package, premium body kit from England . Each line says a unique style. Appease the sports line with a first-class high-brand suspension system that supports all areas of strength * Set Yoshimura X G’craft Rising Spirit Edition, a legend from Japan that cooperates with H2C, the Honda styling agency accepted throughout the world to release a new and unique style with exhaust pipes of Japanese national styling ready to soar to a new, superior thrill

Every New Wave125i comes with the concept. “Leader that everyone believes in” with “Weir-Sukolwat Kanaros” as presenter to reflect the identity of the “Leader that everyone believes in” the product and owner. to be regarded as a first class family motorcycle of the time

Sporty design with a new frame Designing materials and techniques to connect the body to be more durable, lighter, easier to control and more agile than before. A new LCD multimeter combines display technology. elegant dimension modular design New taillight design, sleek, New X-clusive LED Taillight, plus LED headlights and taillights, plus a new front console design, New Front Pocket, adding versatile compartments Easy to use New suspension with more front and rear shock absorbers travel. can absorb shock Helps maintain better balance Large storage space under the seat, XL Size U-Box, 17 liter capacity, can fit a full face helmet. 5.4 liter large oil tank, can run far, continuous driving Safety ignition switch, press the key to operate. Easy to open-close, lock-start the engine and open the seat easily.

New Honda Smart Engine, the latest engine technology from the 125 cc class. The PGM-FI injection system raises a new standard of family cars. Reflect Confidence with Better Performance than Ever Power in advance with new piston stroke adjustment And provides a maximum fuel efficiency of 71.4 km / liter, supplemented by Piston Oil Jet system, helps to reduce heat, reduce wear, durability, extend life the service. Installed a new hydraulic automatic chain tension adjustment system, providing continuous power at all speeds. Reduces vibration and engine noise

All New Wave125i, manual start model, alloy wheels, 4 colors, including red-grey, gray-blue, white-red and black-grey, recommended price is 56,500 baht, blue and black, recommended price is 54,300 baht.

The all New ADV160 comes with the concept of “Exploring the Urban Wild, there is a new way to challenge every day” to level the driving style of Honda SUV Bike, the only one in Thailand. to open the experience of the old city to be different with a new look upgraded design Strong in every dimension Gives a feeling of fierce, strong, excellent on the road, supported by advanced technology around the car. which is ready for drivers to set new challenging routes every day.

All New ADV160 upgrades new power with eSP + 157 cc, 4-valve engine, PGM-FI injection system, water cooled. Upgrade the strength to accelerate instantly at all speed ranges. The strength of the army with the most advanced technology HSTC system (Honda Selectable Torque Control) to detect and control the front front wheels to prevent the car from losing balance. Combining the design that meets the style of an SUV Bike with a new seat height of 780 mm. Up and down, more comfortable and more comfortable. Increase visibility for confident driving with the unique Twin Subtank. Soft cushioning Can walk without fear in every way Opening up a new experience in a familiar city. more confident than anyone

The All New ADV160 is available in 3 sub-models, which include the Standard model, 3 colors to choose from, including Black (Matt Black), Gray (Grey) and Red (Red), with a recommended price from 99,900 baht, outstanding than any other. With accessories around the car in the special edition H2C x KITACO Racing Soul Edition, a black car (Mat Black), an exhaust pipe from Kitaco rises to the challenge. Go out and discover new trails. To stand out from the crowd, the SUV BIKE style that H2C cooperates with the KITACO brand, the recommended price is 108,200 baht.

By Narintorn Chotiphiromkul

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