Hong Kong Masters: O’Sullivan, Robertson women’s 5-0 zero seal broken, left hand Yusheng Gold jqknews

Original title: Hong Kong Masters: O’Sullivan 5-0 zero Robertson’s women breaks Yum Gold’s left hand

On the evening of October 7th, Beijing time, the 2022 Hong Kong Snooker Masters continued at the Hung Hom Stadium. In the quarterfinals of the first half, “Rocket” O’Sullivan showed no mercy, scoring 1 break 100, 4 50 +, 5-0 zero seal Hong Kong female player Wu Onyi. In another match, “Melbourne Machine” Robertson hit two hundreds and beat “Golden Left” Williams 5-3. In the semi-final, O’Sullivan will face off against Robertson.

O’Sullivan breaks 100 and zero seals against Wu Anyi

“Rocket” O’Sullivan has maintained his peak condition for more than 25 years. Last season, O’Sullivan won the World Championship for the seventh time, tying Hendry’s record and first place in World Championship history. This season, O’Sullivan played in the British Championship and was eliminated by Eusenbach in the qualifying round. The first opponent of this Hong Kong Masters is Hong Kong female player Wu Anyi, who won a Taiwan League wild card to compete in the professional competition. , but he hasn’t won yet Game position wins.

In the first game, Wu Anyi took the lead at the end of the match with the support of the home fans. After gaining a 32-0 advantage, the simple longboard pocket kick failed to score. Then O’Sullivan gave another chance and scored a goal red. After a simple bottom bag powder shake ball mistake bag. Wu Anyi still failed to score in the second shot, leading 46-1 and making a big mistake in the lower pocket. O’Sullivan’s hand started to improve, and he scored 72 points in one shot to win the match. In the second game, O’Sullivan established a 33-0 advantage after a long period. Wu Anyi then without the safety ball in place. O’Sullivan once again started and scored a hundred to win the game, leading 2- 0 to together

In the 3rd game, O’Sullivan scored 17 points in a row and then pushed the top bag to the long table and shook the bag. In, O’Sullivan scored 59 points in a row and then the next game, leading by 3 -0 in total points. After that, O’Sullivan scored another 81 points in the 4th game to win the match point. In the 5th game, Wu Anyi managed to get around the ball once again, and after scoring 20 points, he simply put the red ball in the middle pocket. O’Sullivan did not give his opponent another chance, he won this match with 95 points in one shot, and Wu Anyi went on to the semi-finals with a total score of 5-0 and no seals.

Robertson breaks 100 with two strokes and wins 5-3 against Jin’s left hand

Robertson has maintained a stable condition in recent seasons. Last season, he reached the finals of all competitions 5 times and won 4 championships. This season, he has not played in the ranking competition before, and won the world doubles championship mixed with Thai girls Nucharu player. The first opponent in the Hong Kong Masters was “Golden Left Hand” Williams. Although the latter was rumored to retire last season, he still maintained a very high level. This tournament replaces Zhao Xintong, who had retired, and both played 28 times. Played against Robertson to win 19 games to dominate.

In the first game, Williams played extremely aggressive firepower as soon as he came up, he won the match with 133 points in one shot. In the second game, Robertson responded quickly and also completed a 100-down one-shot score. to a 1-1 draw. In the third game, Robertson scored 49 points, and then Williams scored 55 points in one shot. In the fourth game, Robertson stopped his opponent in the chaotic competition. He won the game with 71-25 points, and the total score came to 2. -2 flats.

After the 15-minute break, Robertson scored 140 in one stroke in the 5th game and broke 100, the highest one-stroke score in this tournament also to match point. In the 7th game, Williams scored 80 points in one shot to save the match point. In the 8th game, Jin missed the opportunity to equalize the score with his left hand. After scoring 20 points in a row, Robertson then stopped his opponent and winning 70-20 points In the innings Robertson advanced to the semi-finals with a total score of 5-3. (breathing wind)Return to Sohu, see more


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