How about this couple! Or Ton Ash won’t be single anymore. After swinging a girl in front of Muay Loi Krathong

After breaking up with the heroine, Taew Nathaphon, who had been in a relationship for 14 years, now it seems that Ton Arch is going to get a new girlfriend or not. Because with many fans secretly noticed that Recently, it seems that the young man has enjoyed life more and more and is still very close to him The younger generation joins radio waves as Zen Mecca Supichyangkun. Because in addition to the couple photos that the girls will post on their personal Instagram, there are still sweet captions that keep dropping. a few days agoPreviously, Ton and Zen attended an event that was also attended by close friend James Jirayu.

and most recently last night (8 November 2022) The couple went to Loi Krathong together and added a story for the fans to see. But this event doesn’t seem to go with just the two of them. However, whether it is the young man’s new love or not, we have to wait for that person to come out and tell me.

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