Huawei is using AI and 5G to build a ‘smart farm’ to provide real-time data.

On Tuesday (October 4), Huawei, the Chinese technology giant. Announced to deepen cooperation with leading Austrian drone manufacturer Dronetech In a smart farm powered by 5G technology (5G)

Huawei and Drone Tech The company, which started collaborating on smart farming in 2021, said the collaboration is starting a second phase, called “Digital Air”.

Huawei said in the near term it will provide cloud computing services as well as 5G to support real-time artificial intelligence (AI) analytics. which has high resolution cameras and sensors It serves to survey the ground and various objects. to capture images and data that will be processed by artificial intelligence and provide information to users immediately

Huawei said the technology would allow farmers to detect small insects. checking growing conditions forecast harvest as well as increasing the efficiency of the use of water, chemicals and pesticides.

Erich Manser, deputy CEO of Huawei Austria, said that using drones with artificial intelligence and 5G together could solve resource-intensive operations such as maintenance or site inspection.

David Hopf, CEO of DroneTech said the partnership with Huawei would boost farming efficiency. Reduce labor costs and make the food supply chain more sustainable
source Xinhua news agency

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