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hundreds of Americans in Houston for a final tribute to George Floyd

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A vigil in honor of George Floyd is held at his old school in Houston on June 8.

The city of Houston, Texas paid a final tribute to George Floyd by displaying his remains on Monday, June 8, on the eve of his planned funeral in the privacy of the family. US Congressional Democrats knelt to observe eight minutes and forty-six seconds of silence in homage to the 46-year-old African American who died May 25 when he was arrested in Minneapolis by a white police officer, as well as other black Americans. “Who has lost his life unjustly”, before submitting a proposal for police reform.

  • Hundreds of people in Houston for a final tribute to George Floyd

On Monday, hundreds of mourning Americans gathered around Houston’s Fountain of Praise Church to ponder George Floyd’s remains. Transported to this Texas city on Sunday, where he had lived before settling in the Minneapolis area, his body was visible for a few hours. Era “It is important for our city to take it home”said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, who added that George Floyd was “well known” in the Texan metropolis, reports CNN.

Many Americans came to meditate on George Floyd's remains at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston on June 8.

The emotion was visible despite the masks on the faces of the many anonymous people who came to meditate, one by one, in front of the golden coffin left open. Many people carried the message “I can’t breathe”, words spoken by George Floyd during his brutal arrest, which became the rallying cry in the fight against police violence.

“His size demanded respect, but he wasn’t a bully or anything like that”, remembers one of his friends, Mallory Jackson, in the mostly black neighborhood of the Texas city, Third Ward. “He has always been in his role as the big brother. Among the political figures present were the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who denounced a “Horrible act of police violence”.

The faithful gather in front of George Floyd's remains at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston on June 8.

George Floyd’s funeral will be on Tuesday at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Houston, where he will be buried next to his mother.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke to George Floyd’s family on Monday in Houston for an hour. He will record a video message for the funeral, to which he “He does not intend to participate” not to interrupt the ceremony, according to CNN.

In France, new gatherings and giveaways are expected in several cities on Tuesday when the funeral takes place. About 2,300 people, according to police, demonstrated peacefully on Monday in Nantes.

  • Democrats kneel in the United States Congress

Democratic Congress President Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as some 20 MPs, including several elected Black Americans, gathered in the “Hall of Emancipation”, named after the slaves on Monday. who worked on the construction of the Capitol in Washington in the 18th centuryis century.

Democrats knelt in memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 8.

They knelt there for eight minutes and forty-six seconds: this is the moment Derek Chauvin, a white cop, the knee resting on George Floyd’s neck until he choked and killed him on May 25 during his arrest. An event that sparked a historic wave of rage in the United States and around the world against racism by the police. George Floyd was arrested on May 25 in Minneapolis because police, warned by a trader, suspected him of wanting to sell a fake $ 20 bill.

Nancy Pelosi, accompanied by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the parliamentary group that brings together elected African Americans, as well as other senior congressional officials, must then present a bill aimed at “End police violence, call the police to account, improve transparency and create profound and structural changes that protect the right of all Americans to equal justice and security”.

The law on justice and police, which will be presented to both chambers, intends, among other things, to create a national register for police officers who commit lairs, to make it easier to prosecute officers, rethink their recruitment and their training. His future in the Republican-majority Senate remains uncertain.

President Donald Trump, running for a second term, accused his opponent Joe Biden and the Democrats of wanting “Cut off supplies to the police”. He pleaded “Efficient and well-paid law enforcement agencies”.

  • First appearance for police officer Derek Chauvin

US policeman Derek Chauvin, accused of the murder of George Floyd, first appeared before a judge on Monday in a procedural hearing organized via video. The 44-year-old former officer, detained in a maximum security prison, appeared in an orange prisoner suit on a screen set up in a courtroom of a Minneapolis courthouse. Judge Jeannice Reding set the amount of her bail at one million dollars (880,000 euros), under certain conditions. The date of the next hearing has been set for 29 June.

Derek Chauvin has become the face of police violence around the world since a video was released showing him resting his knee on George Floyd’s neck. The 44-year-old former policeman was initially charged with manslaughter, but the facts were reclassified as unpremeditated murder, punishable by forty years in prison. Three of his former colleagues involved in George Floyd’s fatal arrest on May 25 in Minneapolis were charged with aiding and abetting the murder.

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  • The city of Minneapolis announces the “dismantling” of the police

Establish the observation of a “Structurally Racist Police”, the majority of the members of the city council of the largest city in Minnesota, in the north of the United States, expressed their desire on Sunday to dismantle and rebuild it in consultation with the population “A new model of public safety” community oriented, reported on Sunday New York Times.

The intention is to shift the funds allocated from the city police budget to population-based projects. City councilor Alondra Cano explained on Twitter that the decision had been made “With a majority of the Minneapolis city council sufficient to avoid a veto”.

“Officials in other cities, including New York, have started talking about shifting some of the budget and responsibilities from law enforcement to social service agencies, but no other major city has come to that yet. that Minneapolis officials promised “, comment on New York Times.

  • New protests to demand justice

Several thousand people gathered again on Sunday, the thirteenth day of mobilization, in major American cities. The almost festive tone of the demonstrations organized over the weekend marked a stark contrast to the riots – clashes, looting and vandalism – that accompanied the protests during the week. Authorities and activists attributed these outbursts to outsiders and criminals eager to take advantage of the situation.

A New York, at least half a dozen groups of demonstrators marched through the streets of Manhattan on Sunday afternoon under a scorching sun. A group attempted to march into Times Square but, according to social media posts, was turned back without incident by police, who were blocking access to the iconic site. The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, announced the lifting of the curfew on Sunday, one day ahead of schedule.

One of the largest protests on Sunday took place in The Angels, where a crowd esteemed from a local TV channel 20,000 people gathered on Hollywood Boulevard. The mayor, Eric Garcetti, announced that the National Guard will leave the city on Sunday evening.

A Washington, hundreds of protesters knelt in a street in front of the White House shouting ” I can not breathe “, based on messages posted on social networks. The federal capital was the scene of the largest demonstration organized since the death of George Floyd on Saturday.

Donald Trump said Sunday morning that he ordered the National Guard to begin withdrawing from Washington, noting this “Now everything is perfectly under control”.

Speaking on Twitter, he made it clear that the National Guard could “Come back soon if necessary”.

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Le Monde with AFP, AP and Reuters


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