Hundreds of people have benefited greatly from taking part in the National Health Day | Houston | Medical Lectures

[Epoch Times, Hydref 5, 2022](Epoch Times News) The “Houston National Health Day”, which has been missed for three years due to the epidemic, will be held at the Overseas Chinese Education Center from 9:00 am last Saturday (October 1) The auditorium seriously. The day’s activities are organized by the Houston Asian American Health Education Association, Guangyan Club, Houston Chinese Elderly Service Association, Houston Chinese Nurses Association, Houston Chinese Medical Doctors Association, South American Branch of the World Chinese Business Management Association and South American Women, Tzu Foundation You Together is sponsored by the Texas Association of the United States and the Houston Overseas Chinese Cultural and Educational Service Center. Attract hundreds of people to participate enthusiastically and benefit greatly.

The doctors who attended the doctor consultation activity took a group photo with the organizer’s representatives at the end. (Photo/Provided by organiser)

The activity is divided into three parts: (1) Health tests: blood sugar screening, cholesterol screening, blood pressure screening, flu vaccine injection, next generation new crown vaccine injection. Room 102 of the Overseas Chinese Education Center: “Guangyan She” hepatitis B and C screening, intestinal health stool examination, registered mammogram and registered cervical cytology. (2) Doctor consultation includes: Oncology: Wang Lisheng, Gynecology: Huang Limin, Internal Medicine: Zhang Wenli, Family Medicine: Chen Zhangjinglian, Wang Jiacheng, Zhao Gengwei, Nephrology: Xie Chun, Cardiology: Feng Jianwei, Dentistry: Lin Shengyi, Pediatrics: Peng Yingying, Internal Medicine: Rong Huimin and other doctors.

(3) The series of medical lectures includes Dr. George Burnazian: “Symptoms and Types of Poisonous Diseases, Monkey Pox Symptoms and Transmission”, translated by Dr Shi Huide; Dr. Xu Huanlin’s Lecture: “Influenza Risk and Severity” ; and Dr. Lin Chengxing gave a lecture on “Next Generation COVID-19 Vaccine” and answered questions on the spot.

Dr. Burnazian said that monkeypox was first discovered in Central Africa, West Africa, the Congo and elsewhere, with a mortality rate of about 10%. Just found out in big cities, mostly gay men. Close contacts can also get the disease. Monkeypox patients receive injections within four or five days, and symptoms are mild. Dr Xu Huanlin noted that the high risk groups for flu are children and the elderly over 65 years of age. There are three major symptoms that should be addressed: (1) poor spirits (2) shortness of breath (3) not eating, dehydration and shock. Prevention method: Vaccination, the effect is only 50%, you should wear a mask and wash your hands often. Dr. mentioned Lin Chengxing for “next generation COVID-19 vaccine”. Vaccines are preparations that stimulate the body’s immune response to fight against specific diseases and protect the body from diseases. The presentation emphasizes the topic with data analysis of pictures.

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