Huntsville ISD Reports Slight Drop in AP, Double Credit Pass Rate | Local news

Reflecting a similar trend nationwide, Huntsville High School student performance in advanced internships and double-credit courses has slipped from that of the previous year’s pass rate, according to results presented Thursday to the district board.

Huntsville students this year earned college credit through double credit courses at a 93.4 percent pass rate, a drop of 1.6 percent from last year. Scores on advanced placement exams, which were mostly administered during quarantine, recorded a pass rate of 28.5%, a slight drop from 30.2% last year.

However, as Huntsville ISD Superintendent Scott Sheppard immediately points out, several factors affected the drop in scores from the 2019-20 school year.

“While the pass rate has decreased, we have also taken more exams and have had far more children in advanced courses than we had in previous years,” he said. “This is a larger pool of people who have offered more opportunities, and then having to deal with COVID on top of that.”

Huntsville ISD was forced to move all classes to a remote option after spring break, forcing nearly all year-end tests to be administered remotely.

“There were several factors that influenced the AP test,” said Angee Andrus, district director of assessment and accountability. “In the past, students did face-to-face and paper-based tests in high school, but AP changed their format and tested students online thanks to COVID-19. So the students didn’t get the advantage of that face-to-face instructor. face. This impacted our students’ success on that test. “

In the last school year, the district had 141 AP students who took 214 exams, an increase from the total of 97 students who took 175 tests last year. Growth was similar with dual-credit courses, which saw 534 course enrollments earn 499 pass grades, a significant increase from 2019 with 296 enrollments reaching 287 credits.

Advanced placement students must pass a year-end exam to earn college credit, while double-credit course students earn credits with the Lone Star College system through their work during the semester. Most double-credit courses can be transferred to public colleges and universities throughout Texas.

Under the programs, students can earn over a semester of college credit at a significantly discounted rate compared to the traditional college course.

Three-hour double-credit courses are offered at Huntsville High School for $ 78, while four-hour courses are $ 104. The only AP course fee is with the exam, which costs students $ 95 each with a $ 33 reduction for eligible students with financial needs.


The Huntsville ISD Board of Trustees is expected to hold a special meeting convened on September 24th. The next regularly scheduled meeting is currently scheduled for 15 October.


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