Hurricane Ian Victims: 125 dead, nearly 300,000 disabled

Hurricane Ian Victims: 125 dead, nearly 300,000 disabled

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Victims of Hurricane Ian – CNN and Xinhua report on the progress of the catastrophic situation in United States of America after the storm Hurricane Ian Blown down at the end of September that past. The cumulative death toll has risen to at least 125, with 120 in Florida and five in North Carolina. Although hundreds of thousands of people still have no electricity to use.

US President Joe Biden traveled to Fort Myers on Wednesday, October 5, to survey the affected area and ordered local authorities to speed up medicines. Nearly 300,000 people in Florida are still without electricity.

Victims of Hurricane Ian

US President Joe Biden hugs a woman as he tours the devastation of Hurricane Ian during a visit to Florida, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida US President Joe Biden traveled to Fort Myers, Florida, on Wednesday to inspect areas ravaged by storms. Nearly 300,000 customers in Florida remained without power Wednesday afternoon, according to REUTERS

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida last week. This led to severe storms, heavy rain, strong winds and severe flooding. Biden previously said Hurricane Ian was likely to be one of the deadliest hurricanes in US history.

while the core logic of the US research company that estimates the loss from natural disasters Severe winds and storms caused by Typhoon Ian are expected to cause losses such as 28,000-47,000 million US dollars, or about 1-1.75 trillion baht

Victims of Hurricane Ian

A flooded trailer park is seen after Hurricane Ian caused widespread destruction in Arcadia, Florida, USA At least 125 people died from Hurricane Ian after it tore through the southeastern United States last week, according to CNN’s account, in based on data from local and state agencies. On Wednesday, the Florida Commission of Medical Examiners reported 15 more deaths attributed to the Category 4 storm. REUTERS

Victims of Hurricane Ian

Destroyed buildings are seen after Hurricane Ian caused widespread destruction, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, US REUTERS/Marco Bello

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