hurry! The governor of Nonthaburi has declared that 7 sub-districts in the Pak Kret area are flood areas.

hurry! Suthi Thongyam, the Governor of Nonthaburi, has announced that 7 sub-districts in the Pak Kret area are flooded. Emergency Disaster Relief Area

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7 October 2022 – From the situation of Typhoon Noru and heavy rain continuous rain As a result, more water flows through the Chao Phraya Dam. Causing water to overflow the banks and flood the Pak Kret District area, causing damage to life, body, property, houses, agricultural areas and people’s livelihood.

Most recently, Mr. Sutee Thongyam, Governor of Nonthaburi The flood zones in 7 sub-districts in the Pak Kret district have been announced, as follows:

1. Village No. 1-5, Bang Phlap Sub-District
2. Village No. 1-10, Tha It Sub-District
3. Village No. 1-7, Koh Kret Subdistrict
4. Village No. 1-6 Om Kret Sub-District
5. Village No. 1-6, Khlong Phra Udom Sub-District
6. Village No. 1-5, Bang Tanai Subdistrict
7. Village No. 1-12, Khlong Choi Sub-District

by making it a disaster-affected area an Emergency Disaster Relief Area for government agencies, agencies, local government organizations and related private sectors to act in accordance with their powers and duties in disaster areas of such

In all 7 sub-regions, 7,099 households were in disaster, divided into 2,335 households in Tha It sub-region, 1,678 households in Koh Kret sub-region, 1,264 households in Bang Tanai , 980 households in Khlong Phra Udom, 508 in Om Kret Sub-district, 260 in Bang Phlap sub-district, and Khlong Phra Udom sub-district. Khoi 74 households

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