Hyung-bae Min “Signed by 5 reviewers for Kim Kun-hee’s doctoral dissertation, handwriting estimated by the same person”

Handwritten evaluation of Dr. Kim Kun-hee’s doctoral dissertation [국회 교육위원회 민형배(무소속) 의원실 제공]

The signatures of five people who reviewed the doctoral thesis of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Gun-hee, are allegedly assumed to be the handwriting of one person.

Representative Min Hyung-bae of the Education Committee of the National Assembly released the results of the handwriting evaluation through a press release today.

According to Representative Min, the private research organization in charge of handwriting appraisal concluded that ‘the signatures of all five people in the appraisal are assumed to have been written by the same person’.

The laboratory analyzed the handwriting from the same level of form in the eye examination such as ‘the handwriting of the five people was written with the same writing instrument, which is assumed to be a thick pointed pen” he said.

Representative Min said, “Through handwriting evaluation, it was revealed that Mrs. Kim’s thesis was insufficient in terms of content and form.” “Mrs. Kim, the critics who deceived citizens with their unconditional thesis, and Kookmin University, who are busy protecting their power, find out the truth as soon as possible.” I need to make it clear and apologize.”

In response, Kookmin University reported that one person in charge wrote the judges’ signatures by hand, but it was not a problem because the judges’ names could be printed.

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