‘I am a fan of Modi’; Kejriwal was given dinner and became a star, now BJP- Arvind Kejriwal

Ahmedabad: An auto driver from Gujarat prepared lunch for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at a BJP rally. During Kejriwal’s visit to Gujarat, auto driver Vikram Dantani invited him to his home and prepared dinner for him. On September 13, Kejriwal was invited to Vikram’s house while addressing a gathering of auto drivers in Ahmedabad and he accepted the invitation. Kejriwal went home in Vikram’s own autorickshaw.

But on Friday, a picture surfaced of Vikram Dantani attending a BJP rally. Vikram wore a saffron shawl and hat to the rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was on a two-day visit to Gujarat. Vikram told the media that although Kejriwal had been invited to his home, he was a big fan of Modi and a supporter of BJP.

“I invited Kejriwal to dinner because the union leaders asked me to do so. When I offered to feed him in my house, Kejriwal accepted. I had no idea it would be such a big deal. I have nothing to do with Aam Aadmi Party. After that incident, I have not contacted any AAP leader. ” – Vikram Dantani to reporters.

Vikram said that he participated in the rally because he is a big fan of Modi. He has been with the BJP since the beginning. I have only voted for the BJP in the past. He explained that he is not saying this under any pressure.

English Summary: After Dinner to Arvind Kejriwal, U-turn Gujarat Auto Driver For PM Modi

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