I can’t live without alcohol… Kwak’s yes-win, drunk driving which almost caused a major accident (‘A Year Alive’)

[마이데일리 = 명희숙 기자] Actor Kwak Do-won was arrested for drunk driving, causing a lot of disappointment.

On the 29th, KBS 2TV’s ‘Year-Round Live’ dealt with Kwak Do-won, who was arrested for drunk driving.

It is known that Kwak Do-won drove about 11km from Hallim-eup to Aewol-eup, which is near his house. As it was a narrow road with only one lane, it was a situation that could lead to a serious accident.

‘Year-Round Live’ searched for the police at Aewol Police Station, but could not hear anything. Due to this incident, it was also inevitable to affect dramas and films such as ‘Villains’ and ‘Fireman’.

In addition, Kwak Do-won will return the full amount of the public service advertising fee he filmed. In the past, Kwak Do-won said in a program, “I should stop smoking and drinking, but I can’t live without alcohol, so it’s a big deal.”

The police investigation into Kwak Do-won’s drunk driving will continue in the future.

[사진 = KBS 방송캡처]

By Myung Hee-sook, staff reporter [email protected]

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