“I just saved a girl”… Chinese man suddenly accused of ‘bad hands’

picture explanation[사진출처 = CCTV 영상 화면 캡처]

On the other hand, a man who became a hero by saving a young woman from a crisis was criticized.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) presented the story of a man who saved a young girl from falling from an escalator on the 1st.

According to SCMP, on the 25th, in a department store in Shanghai, China, a girl was dangerously hanging from the rails of an escalator.

A nearby shop owner who saw the incident rescued the girl along with another passerby. When a scene video of the situation was released at the time, netizens hailed the man as a ‘hero’.

However, some netizens have started to point out the location of the man’s hand.

In the public CCTV (CC), a man was holding his buttocks in the process of saving the girl.

In the end, it was even said that the man appeared to have deliberately grabbed the young woman’s ass.

To this, the man said, “I just pulled it up to save the girl.”

Due to the unexpected controversy, many netizens are spitting bitter voices at those who made malicious comments.

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