I raised the highest amount in crowdfunding, but… A game that has been in development for 10 years

As the development project has continued for more than 10 years since it was announced in 2012, the crowdfunding amount for Star Citizen, a multiplayer game that is also evaluated as the Sagrada Familia of the gaming world, is said to have reach $500 million.

Star Citizen is a game released in 2012 that is a space trading and combat simulation. When the project started on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site in October of the same year, it initially set a goal of raising $2.1 million in funding. The game, which began with the goal of creating the greatest space exploration game of all time, recorded the highest total funding during the 10-year development period. According to a 2017 article on the progress of Star Citizen, the amount of funding had already reached 150 million dollars at this point, the highest amount in game crowdfunding history, significantly surpassing the $6.7 million raised by Shen Mu 3.

Since then, Star Citizen has continued to raise funds, and the amount currently posted on the official website is $5052,655. The number of contributors reached 4,0251. As the acquisition amount reached $400 million in November 2021, it raised $100 million in just 10 months.

However, the development of the game is not going as smoothly as the funding. The novelty of graphics and spaceship modeling for Star Citizen, released in the alpha version, has reportedly faded over time, causing disillusionment for many players who supported Star Citizen, and even during the 10 year development period, the system, the core of gameplay, was lost. There are also complaints that it disappears. There are also frequent bugs and inconveniences, so it’s not uncommon for NPCs to stop moving or behave strangely, and for a spaceship to suddenly crash.

In addition, Star Citizen also has Squadron 42, a sister work that divides the world’s opinion, but this is said not to have been seen at all since 2014. The release of Squadron 42 is expected to take several years.

More than 4 million fans are waiting for its completion, but it is not clear when the official release of Star Citizen will be. The roadmap posted on the official site is scheduled until July 2023, so there is a possibility that it will be released later. According to the Star Citizen Wiki, if you want to play the alpha version of Star Citizen, you’ll need to buy the $49.5 Starter Pack, including VAT. In addition, Hedfan Am Ddim events are held several times each year, and an event was recently held to enjoy for free until September 15, 2022. Relevant information can be found here.

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