I took that sentence and threw it out; Now there is no TV in the bedroom – Suresh Gopi Now there is no TV in the bedroom – Suresh Gopi

Actor Suresh Gopi does not watch TV before sleeping. The actor said that before going to bed at night, he does not watch TV news and discussions and falls asleep watching comedy shows. He was speaking in an interview given to Media One.

It also tells why the TV was removed from the bedroom. One of my gurusthaniya Swami at Sree Narayana Mission in Aluva has told me not to go to sleep watching all this news and all the excitement and aloha on the TV discussion. ‘I took the television and threw out the Swami’s speech at Sreenarayana Mission. Now there is no TV in the bedroom. Suresh Gopi said, “Even if you stay in a hotel, you will not see it.”

In 2004, the television was taken from the bedroom and taken outside. Now there is no TV in the bedroom. Now when I stay in hotels, if there is a TV by the bed, I take the remote and put it under the TV on the other side. It won’t turn on. Can’t see. You shouldn’t go to bed watching TV nonsense. It is said that you will never sleep. Swami told me that if there is a good comedy by Jagadish and Mukesh, I should go to bed after watching it’ – said Suresh Gopi.

“There will be many subjects. Lots of tension, people’s demands and demands. Especially during covid. That’s when I met the new generation of comedy skit actors. I really want to see them do comedy. To tell you the truth, in the middle of all this tension, when it’s 11:30 at night, I come to bed and lie down and watch all these comedy videos on Facebook. At night he comes to my feed and lies down. You will see everything, sleep will be happy’ – he said.

‘Velimunga director’ Jibu Jacob Suresh Gopi’s latest film May Hum Musa has hit the theatres. The film hit the theaters on September 30.

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