[Iechyd 1+1]The risk of dementia from the new crown “this group” increases by 69%! | Live | Alzheimer’s

New research finds that the new crown injury increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly by 69%.

The damage to the brain and nervous system caused by the new coronavirus is still affecting two years later! How exactly does the new coronavirus damage our nerve cells?

How can we protect the brain? The Harvard Davis Lecture noted that this method that everyone can try at any time can protect brain health!

【Live time】

September 28 (Wednesday) at 9:00 am EST

September 28 (Wednesday) at 9:00 pm China, Hong Kong and Taiwan time

【Today’s Expert】

Dr. Dong Yuhong, European virology and infectious disease expert and chief scientist of a biotech company

Live streaming is locked every Tuesday to Saturday:Body and mind prevent epidemic

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Responsible editor: Li Qingfeng

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