“If you use 15 swear words, you will be banned from showing” … One-person protests abuse court brakes

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You can often see one-person protesters making loud noises in front of government offices and even swearing.

Civil servants as well as civil servants who worked inside used to complain about damage, but the court exceptionally stopped the abuse of one man’s protests.

Reporter Jang Yeong reported.

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A woman in a headband starts circling the city hall, sounding the siren on the loudspeaker.

The slogans shouted through the loudspeaker are much higher than the noise standard of 75 decibels.

Other civil servants in mourning clothes are repeatedly beaten.

They go up to the flower bed and pour out all sorts of swear words.

“Shut up, Shit Director X. You’re just XX.”

They jump into the road and lie down, trying to clone themselves, and even a fire engine is sent.

Business-block-level protests continued for over a year in front of City Hall, but that was the only time the police were dispatched.

Because it is a one man demonstration, it does not come under the Gypsy Act.

[이상신/창원시공무원노조 수석부위원장]

“When I went to work, I was subjected to a lot of loud shouting about funeral songs, sirens, and profanity. Civil servants are people too…”

Hundreds of civil servants, who could not stand it, filed an application for an injunction against them, and the court granted most of the civil servants’ applications.

If you want to use 15 types of profanity or make noise of 75 decibels or more during the protest for more than 10 minutes, you must do it 30 meters outside the property line, not the building boundary.

According to the court’s decision, the protesters will no longer be able to protest in front of Changwon City Hall as before.

This is because if you cross the land boundary of Changwon City Hall, it is a road, but demonstrations are not allowed on the road.

While one-person protests were allowed, actions that went beyond the limit were all but banned.


“Public officials cannot do their job properly, and the damage inevitably affects the public. In that respect, the court’s ruling is different…”

The court also banned the protesters, saying that hymns and labor songs are fine, but funeral songs can cause psychological distress to the general public.

This is Jang Young from MBC News.

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