If you’re picky about the taste of food?…Avoid the red bowl (Research)

Research has shown that the color of the bowl containing food affects people with picky appetites. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Research has shown that picky eaters can be influenced by the color of their food bowl. In particular, food served in red bowls received a negative reception. The explanation is that if you are picky and don’t eat well, it is best to avoid red bowls.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth in the UK investigated the effect of color perception on picky eaters and non-picky eaters.

First, the research team measured food neophobia, a tendency to be reluctant to try new foods, through a questionnaire to around 50 participants, and divided them into two groups: those with a picky appetite and those without.

They then tasted the same brand of potato chips (salt and vinegar crisps) in red, white and blue bowls. As a result, the color of the bowl greatly influenced the desire to eat the snack and the perceived salty taste. in the picky palate group. has been shown to have an effect

The group reported that the cookies in the blue and red bowls were saltier compared to those in the white bowls. And they responded that they had less desire to eat snacks in a red bowl.

The researchers explained that this could be due to the perception that associates red with danger. It is possible that people have negative expectations when seeing red, and people’s perceptions may have been influenced by existing prejudices or stereotypes.

Study author Dr Lorenzo Stafford said, “This study is the first to provide an insight into the relationship between color and taste in picky eaters. “The results of this study provide preliminary evidence of how food can help improve the experience of eating.”

The findings were published in the scientific journal Food Quality and Preference.

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