‘I’m Solo’ 10th Youngja, English shoe jacket style… defense “I will”

Youngja and Youngsik’s 10th generation ‘I’m Solo’ random date revealed.

On the 28th broadcast of ENA PLAY and SBS PLUS’ real dating program ‘I am SOLO’, chaos romance was created at 10 Solo Nara Street.

On this day, Young-ja said to Young-sik, “Isn’t your path clear? I don’t want to meet someone specific if possible. I don’t like to spend my emotions unnecessarily, so I thought I would” n do it without Young-sik.”

Young-sik said, “It’s literally far, and there are many mountains that need to be overcome by meeting each other.”

Young-sik told Youngja, “I think of Ok-soon as my top priority, and I think my role is to make him not feel anxious, and I want to work well with him.

And when it comes to choices, soon is always right.”

While the two of them were walking, Young-sik found Youngja’s shoelace and tried to tie it. Youngja showed her loyalty to Youngcheol, saying, “I keep the good.”

Meanwhile, ENA PLAY and SBS PLUS’ real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ is a hyper-realistic dating program where single men and women longing for marriage gather and struggle to find love

[박정수 스타투데이 객원기자]

Picture l ENA PLAY, screen capture of SBS PLUS broadcast

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