In an hour, Bangkok is preparing for another wave of rain. This time, it blows in a new way. North

on October 3 Bangkok Warn that it will rain again in 1 hour, reporting that at 22.00, the Bangkok area does not find a group of light moderate rain / rain, Chonburi province is moving to the northwest. It is expected that if it does not weaken, it will enter Bangkok in an hour.

Reporters reported at 6:36 pm on October 3 at the Flood Prevention System Control Center, Bangkok 2, Din Daeng. Mr Chatchart Sitthiphan Bangkok Governor Live broadcast via facebook Provide the latest information on the flood situation in Bangkok by Mr Chatchat that there is a lot of rain in the afternoon. It’s raining now, it’s going to be light rain, but the area is still full. The amount of rain is increasing from the east coast It is raining in yellow and green levels and it is expected to rain throughout the night today.

“The biggest precipitation at the moment is the Government Center – Chaeng Watthana Road. Accumulated rainfall of 162.5 mm, which is normally 60 mm, is considered critical. And the next one is Laksi District Office 134 mm., Bangna District Office 123 mm is the reason that Bang Na area is flooded. Next are Khlong Ta Camel, Khlong Prem, Don Mueang, 117 mm., Municipal Council 116 mm., Khlong Bang Chak 115 mm., and Bang Chak and the northern part, Phra Khanong 95 mm., Khlong Toei 85 mm. But this is not the result of the storm. It is a trough of low pressure that lies across Bangkok. But there is still a high humidity rate. “ Mr Chatchat said

“The water level in Khlong Lat Phrao is quite heavy, causing flooding at Bang Khen Intersection. But it drains down pretty well. accelerates the pursuit of the Lat Phrao Canal, around Bang Bua, which is 1.38 m SRT, which is 0.80 m SRT. As for Khlong Prem Prachakorn, the entire line was flooded beyond the crisis. by Bang Sue Because the Laksi and Chaengwattana areas are falling heavily, causing flooding to the entire line of the Chang Akat Dedicated Road. Now, Don Mueang still has problems. from the flooded Khlong Prem Mr Chatchat said

“If the rain doesn’t come again Tomorrow should be released As you can see, it’s still a light rain. Full of nothing, cheering for those of us who are still stuck on the road. If possible, get on the train. crossing the flood road The situation will be urgent The low-pressure trough is passing Bangkok, exactly.” Mr. said Chatchart

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