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In the face of the global economic downturn, mobile phone brands are all ready to act, especially the flagship series used as the sign of the state, and they dare not take it lightly. South Korean media outlet ET News broke the news that Samsung plans to release the Galaxy S23 flagship series earlier than expected in order to chase the iPhone. The Galaxy S22 series was announced in February, but the Galaxy S23 could arrive in January next year.

Pre-announced to go after the iPhone 14

Since the launch date of the iPhone 14 series in South Korea is in early October, Samsung hopes to take advantage of the momentum of its rivals and release the Galaxy S23 series in advance to attract consumers. ET News also mentioned that the strong dollar has led to higher pricing for the iPhone 14 series in South Korea, which is beneficial to the rival Galaxy S23 series. ET News pointed out that the early launch of the Galaxy S23 series can close the gap between the iPhone 14 series and help increase the market share of high-end mobile phones.

Prepare for production

According to the report, Samsung’s mobile phone division has yet to confirm the release date, but has begun sharing product roadmaps with partners and pre-ordering production parts Some suppliers expect the Galaxy S23 series to be release two to three weeks in advance. Recently, the information of the three new Galaxy S23 models has appeared on China’s 3C certification platform, and some websites have also published the fuselage design drawings All of the above make people feel that the phone is ready to’ w released.


▲ Galaxy S23


▲ Galaxy S23+


▲ Galaxy S23 Ultra

Source of information and photos: etnews

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