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In 2008, NASA recruited Steve Pearce to recreate as closely as possibleodour present in thespace.

What is theodour of the’space? In the United States, crowdfunding has been launched to market a new fragrance, “Eau de Space”, supposed to reproduce theodour of the’space, reveals CNN.

This crazy project was developed by Steve Pearce, chemist and founder of Omega ingredients, an American company that gives itself thegoal “To create high quality flavors and ingredients for the food industry”.

Originally, the fragrance was not intended to be marketed. In 2008, it was NASA who recruited Steve Pearce to recreate as closely as possible the smell present in thespace. The aerospace agency wanted to offer astronauts the most realistic training conditions possible before sending them to orbit. It will have taken the scientist four years to achieve his ends. Now, he wants to deploy this fragrance to the great public. His project has already raised 33,919 euros.

“A bitter, smoky, burning smell”

“The smell resembles that of a armed right after serving, “astronaut Peegy Whitson told CNN in 2002. He added,” It’s a bitter, smoky, burning smell. “

“Astronauts describe the smell as a mixture of gunpowder, grilled steak, raspberries and rum Adds Matt Richmond, product manager for “Eau de Space”.

By launching this extraordinary perfume, the two men explain hoping to raise awareness youth to the attractions of science and give birth to vocations. After the water from Space, they plan to focus on the scent of the Moon.

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