in the US, over 2.5 million cases and 125 thousand deaths

240,310 infections with Coronavirus in Italy, of which 174 new cases and 22 deaths: this is what emerges from the latest bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health. Here is the data region by region:

Lombardy: 93,761

Piedmont: 31,336

Emilia Romagna: 28,456

Veneto: 19,275

Tuscany: 10,243

Liguria: 9.967

Lazio: 8.096

Walk: 6.785

Trento: 4.863

Campania: 4.665

Puglia: 4,531

Friuli VG: 3.308

Abruzzo: 3.286

Sicily: 3,077

Bolzano: 2.637

Umbria: 1.440

Sardinia: 1,364

Aosta Valley: 1,194

Calabria: 1.180

Molise: 445

Basilicata: 401

Regarding the reopening of the schools in September, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said: “Two weeks before the start of the lessons we will evaluate the situation with the CTS, we will study the numbers of the epidemic. And we could also think of different measures by region by region “. In the new outbreak of Mondragone only one positive was found outside the red zone: the patient was isolated, in the mini red zone 730 swabs were made. Yesterday the President of the Republic Mattarella he went to the monumental cemetery of Bergamo to remember the victims of Covid-19.

Over 10 million Coronavirus infections worldwide. The numbers on contagions in the American continent continue to grow: after a new surge in cases, twelve states of the USA have slowed down on reopening. In Latin America over 63 thousand new cases in 24 hours. Over half a million cases in India. In Australia, new lockdown measures could be taken in Melbourne after they were identified on Saturday 49 new cases. Over 500 thousand people in lockdown near Beijing, China, where a new surge of infections has been recorded.

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