Indonesian police fire local chief over spread of responsibility for soccer field disaster, 9 postponed

Investigation of 28 people, including police and officers on site… Securing and analyzing CCTV

The Indonesian government has fired the local police chief and suspended nine police officers as police blame grows for the worst disaster to happen at a professional soccer field in East Java, Indonesia.

According to local media such as Antara News on the 4th, Dedi Prasetio, spokesman for the Indonesian National Police Agency, said in a press briefing the night before, “The Chief of Police, Ristillo Sigit Prabowo, has fired Ferdi Hidayat Chief of Police Malang Regency. for taking responsibility for this incident,” he said.

He also explained that 9 police officers belonging to the mobile brigade have been banned in connection with this case, and that 28 police officers are being investigated by the criminal investigation team, and that they are investigating who and why it was decided to use tear gas then. .

The police crime investigation team secured and analyzed 32 CCTVs installed at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

The reason why the Indonesian police are moving quickly two days after the accident is that public opinion is growing that the large-scale accident was caused by excessive restraint by the police.

On the 1st, in the match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya held at the Kanjuruhan Football Field in Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia, on the 1st, when Arema FC lost to Persevaya at home for the first time in 23 years, it collected excited spectators. at the jump-in stadium

The police fired tear gas in the process of stopping the crowd, and the crowd, trying to avoid it, rushed to the exit and got stuck.

The accident killed 125 people, including 32 children and young people, and injured 323 people.

Indonesian police fire local chief and suspend 9 people for spreading responsibility for soccer field disaster

In relation to this, controversy over over-reaction has arisen as the police have been found to have breached the rules of the International Football Federation (FIFA), which prohibits the use of tear gas in stadiums.

On the other hand, the police protest that the situation at the time was like a riot, as two policemen were killed and the mob set the police car on fire.

He also insisted that the match be held during the day rather than at night, but the Indonesian Football Association and Arema FC did not accept it, and 42,000 tickets were sold, more than the stadium’s capacity (38,000 ). Rema FC.

However, this is a situation that causes more public anger.

Protests against the police were held in Malang, where the accident happened, and Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Witnesses to the incident insisted that a thorough investigation was needed, saying that the police fired tear gas at the stands as well as the crowd that broke to the ground, further escalating the incident.

For this reason, the Indonesian government also formed a joint fact-finding team consisting of officials from various ministries, professional football associations, academia, and the media, focusing on the Minister of Political, Legal and Security Coordination, Mahfoud Emde, apart from the police.

They intend to investigate the cause of the accident separately from the police for two to three weeks.

Indonesian police fire local chief and suspend 9 people for spreading responsibility for soccer field disaster

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