Inside the Titanic-themed Airbnb in Belfast complete with life-size sofa for Titanic lifeboat and hot tub

The entire property is hand painted, including the stunning painted floors.

With many of us choosing a staycation this year rather than a trip overseas, we’ve found a quirky home that could be your way, especially if you love all that Titanic is.

A property in Belfast has been completely transformed into a Titanic-themed wonderland, and is available to stay via Airbnb.

The house, called Rose, has just been finished after a two and a half year transformation by owner David. The entire property is hand painted, including the stunning painted floors.

Describing the property, which has been certified by Tourism NI David, he said, “We create a world of love, hope, glamor and dreams from the Titanic’s unfortunate journey. The handcrafted and hand painted theme follows our Titanic inspired story since launch in Belfast, at the dramatic sinking of the ship “.

The property has special themed bedrooms, including one with a hand-made bed from the Titanic ship where guests can float on the ocean or hang from New York’s skyscrapers.

It also featured a full-size Titanic lifeboat-shaped sofa, SS California breakfast bar, hand-crafted hot tub with small ships, outdoor grill area, and the “kissing room” on the Titanic’s deck.

You can find out more about the property and book it on the Airbnb website here.


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