Instead of Hwang Gyo-ik Tteokbokki, you should call Gochujang Jjigae with Garae Rice Cake.

Taste columnist Hwang Gyo-ik. (Photo = Yonhap News)

Taste columnist Hwang Gyo-ik argued that ‘gochujang stew with garlic rice cake’ is a more appropriate name for tteokbokki.

Hwang said on his Facebook page on the 30th of last month, “Most of the tteokbokki we eat is not fried.

He added, “Red pepper paste is the main seasoning, but if you change the name according to the recipe, ‘gochujang stew with garlic rice cake’ is appropriate.

Hwang said, “Tteokbokki was originally the name of a meal made by frying garae-tteok and other ingredients on a griddle, but it can be seen that the current ‘chaos’ arose when someone called tteok-bokki and garae-tteok came -gochujang- jjigae.”If you classify food by it, the true color of the food becomes apparent,” he said.

Hwang, who had been talking about tteokbokki for a while, moved on to criticize President Yoon Seok-yeol. He said, “It is the same with human beings. To know the true nature of a person, you have to get rid of the title given to him and observe only his words and attitude. “”Remove the title ‘President ‘ of Yun Seok -yeol. Does he look like a person? Is he a person worthy of having you by your side?”

Meanwhile, Hwang has frequently posted articles criticizing President Yoon on his Facebook page.

In August, when she posted a video related to the press conference on the 100th day of President Yoon’s inauguration, she made explosive comments, saying, “It’s because I’m a man, Park Geun-hye. “

In June, President Yoon and his wife recounted near-real-time trips to the soccer field, visits to bakeries and movies, and said, “Is this the country?”

Reporter Eunji Cha, [email protected]

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