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Introducing free additional assets for Blender vol.3! This is a corner where you can easily submit free Blender plugins and assets together! We are picking up add-ons and small add-ons that we failed to introduce, focusing on new ones.

  1. MeshDraw
  2. Poly Haven Asset Add-on
  3. ke Image To Mesh
  4. PRJ
  5. Open Blender scripts in a text editor
  6. Thanks Addon Blender
  7. HDRI wizard
  8. Toon Shader v2
  9. Free Giant Decal Pack 3D Modeling
  10. Rock of the Mountain


MeshDraw is a set of geometry nodes that can draw meshes along curves. Any mesh can be shaped and warped or stretched along each stroke of the curve.



Download it here

Poly Haven Asset Add-on

The official Blender addon for integrating Poly Haven assets in the Asset Browser natively.

About installation

If you downloaded it for free from github, you should remove the version from the folder name after installing the zip file.


Add-on files are usually located in the following directories:

Windows: %appdata%RoamingBlender FoundationBlenderx.xscriptsaddons
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Blender/x.x/scripts/addons/

About use

  1. After enabling the add-on, from Preferences » File PathsPoly HavenAdd a new Asset Library named This is where the assets will be downloaded.
  2. Open the Asset Browser Editor and select the Poly Haven library.
  3. in the Asset Browser header[ Fetch Assets ] Click the button.
  4. After the initial download (currently around 3.3 GB), the assets will be ready to use by dragging and dropping them into your scene.
  5. With new assets released almost daily, you always can[ Fetch Assets ]You can download new assets by clicking the button.

Download it here

You can support Poly Haven by purchasing the paid version. Click here to purchase the paid version

ke Image To Mesh

Alpha images can be converted to meshesUseful for concept art, visual effects, rough 3D sketches, and object photomappingIt is an addon.


  • Planar, screw, boolean operations
  • Set Auto UV Projection (for further model editing using Live UV)
  • Vertex color mode options
  • Support for non-alpha RGB colors (configured in add-on settings)
  • Batch processing
  • Check out the tool tip!

Download it here


prj is a Blender add-on for generating technical drawings from 3D models. It is not just a drafting tool, but a tool that produces data-rich drawings (a type of BIM drafting tool) and manages project information to help architects and designers automatically create building and interior drawings for a purpose. Drawings are produced in SVG format.

Please note that prj is currently under development and subject to change.

Download it here

Go to the blenderartists page

Open Blender scripts in a text editor

A quick plugin that allows you to edit scripts with your favorite text editor without saving the file. Changes made in either Blender’s text editor or IDE are reflected in the other.

Download it here

Thanks Addon Blender

Thangs is a free 3D community for discovering, storing and collaborating on 3D models. It supports a wide range of formats, especially where you can find many 3D printable models.

The Thangs Blender Add-on integrates the search function into Blender. You can discover models in Thangs and import them into Blender with just a few clicks.

video"><video class="wp-video-shortcode" id="video-19320-1" width="852" height="480" preload="metadata" controls="controls">>

Download it here

HDRI wizard

Add-on that can display a bar for adjusting HDRI settings from the header area of ​​the 3D view.

Download it here

Toon Shader v2

A free toon colorist from Grease Monkey.



Download it here

Free Giant Decal Pack 3D Modeling

This pack is a free decal pack for all versions of mixer 2.8+, Unreal Engine 4/5 and Substance Painter.

– 11 graffiti styles
・ 6 types of grunge
・ Three types of blood
・ 2 types of rust


Download it here

Rock of the Mountain

Mountain rock material created by Kubocarte, perfect for steep slopes. Materials are made to be easily customizable so you can change the look to your liking.

Download it here

Kubocarte also publishes other rock and brick materials, NebulaGenerator for free. If you are interested, check here.

That’s all for now! Please refer to it! Also, although it will be irregular, I will be introducing free Blender content.

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