Introducing the DART Airblade 4 wheels that use BioFiber, a natural material that doesn’t use carbon Will this be the future of wheels?|I can’t stop road bikes

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Speaking of wheels, carbon wheels are becoming mainstream.

Carbon is a versatile material used not only for frames, but also for wheel rims, hubs, spokes and handles.

However, the new DART wheels use a natural composite material called BioFiber, promising environmental friendliness and “F1 class” performance.

It is predicted that the future will be carbon neutral, but will wheels that use natural materials be the shape of the future?

DART 4 ​​Air Blade

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Carbon fiber has many great properties, such as its high stiffness-to-weight ratio and the ability to harden into complex shapes.

It’s no surprise that almost all of the best road bike wheels have been made from carbon fiber over the past few decades.

But Dart (DI don’t like it Advanced Rresearch & TThe Airblade 4-spoke 4-wheel compound from Echnology is something else.

No carbon fiber is used at all. The new wheels also make it possible to use innovative technology to reduce your carbon footprint.

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What kind of material is BioFiber?

BioFiber is a composite material of natural materials and F1McLaren RacingIt uses the latest high-end technology adopted by It seems that flax fiber is used, but the details are not listed on the official website.

BioFiber is an in-house product that requires 3 suppliers and 5 source products, and is manufactured through many processes. In other words, it is not a material that one brand can create.

The DART Airblade 4 wheels comply with ISO 5775-2 and ISO 4210-7, allowing them to participate in triathlons and UCI individual TTs.

Consideration for the environment

So is it really better for the environment than using carbon? In this regard, DRAT states:

We use carbon-neutral BioFiber for cushioning and structural reinforcement, and all of our advanced monocoques have a much lower carbon footprint than carbon fiber wheels, releasing zero CF dust pollutants into the atmosphere, not even

DRAT’s all-natural fibers are used in high performance materials and wheelsAs it absorbs CO2 before it is processed, it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Collaboration with CeramicSpeed

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The Airblade 4 series wheelset is a tubeless straight sided (TSS) wheelset, without hook and weighs 1,680g.

Dart also works with CeramicSpeed, which also uses specially designed ceramic bearings.

Air blade 4 SPEC

  • Edge depth: Front 60mm, Rear 80mm
  • Inner edge width: 21mm front and 22mm rear
  • Outer Rim Width: 25mm
  • steal : DART×Ceramicspeed
  • freehub compatibility : Shimano / Sram XDR
  • Weight (pair) : 1680
  • price: 3,499.99 pounds (approx. 570,000)

Pre-orders are currently being accepted and shipping will begin in 2023.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious and consumers demand low carbon products, it is likely that more brands will switch from carbon fiber to natural fiber alternatives.

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