Introducing the hot girl “Sonia”, the sculpted boy “Je Chod”, competing for the skill of “Porsche” in “Fah Than Tawan”

Start the story with the life of the fight scene. “foundation” to find a new job After opening a war with a technician until he was fired, Move On is a cafe worker. attach remaining employee positions when they must enter and disincentivize “Ploy Nam Phet” who gets a voice with fans “James” played by a rising star “Pop Phatthaphon Wanlopsiri” This event seems like fate has stumbled upon love at first sight. “Ploy Nam Phet” Let’s use a trick to get to know each other. “foundation” straight to the point of plotting evil The main character must have a story. was immediately arrested by the police The real double side in the screen as “novel” having to adapt a large set of strategic plans to help dear friends “foundation” in a hurry

Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement every second. with the intense action drama “Fah Than Tawan” with beautiful and chic scenes, launches brand new Sai Ping Sunday, October 2, 2022 at 21:30 on Amarin TV HD Channel 34

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