iOS 16.0.3 to be released to fix more after iPhone 14 launch

After Apple released the 16.0.2 update to update and fix various bugs encountered by iOS 16 on the iPhone 14, next, it plans to release another iOS 16.0.3 update to fill the box. More mistakes!

copy and paste permission notification problems showing up as well AND updating Apple software more. to make the app more stable

Reports include low volume issues during CarPlay calls with the iPhone 14 Pro and displays on some iPhones flickering when set to low brightness. As well as fixing crashes in the Mail app or the movie mode shot on iPhones in Final Cut Pro, iMovie on Mac.

But at the moment it is not clear when Apple will release the iOS 16.0.3 update, but it is expected that no later than next week. Along with plans to update to iOS 16.1 this October, it supports Clean Energy Charging in the US for the Home app, Apple Fitness + without the Apple Watch, and the battery percentage icon for other iPhone models.

Source: MacRumors

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