iOS 16.1 beta version, 1st generation AirPods Pro support ‘Adaptive surround sound mode’ bug?

There is an increasing likelihood that the first generation AirPods Pro will not come with the latest ‘Adaptive Ambient Mode’ feature.

Last week, foreign media reported that the ‘Adaptive Surround Sound Allowance Mode’ toggle had just been added to the first generation AirPods Pro (beta version 5A304A) with iOS 16.1 beta 3 installed, and rumors spread.

However, Bloomberg News’ Mark Gurman said that “the addition of the adaptive ambient mode toggle in the first-generation AirPods Pro is a bug in the iOS 16.1 beta.”

The ‘Adaptive Ambient Mode’ feature, introduced by Apple in the second generation AirPods Pro, uses on-device processing powered by the H2 chip to reduce ambient noise such as car sirens, noise from construction sites, or loud speakers at concerts.

As the new function is provided exclusively to the 2nd generation AirPods Pro based on the H2 chip, it is noted that it is unlikely to be provided to the ▲ 1st generation AirPods Pro ▲ AirPods Max based on the H1 chip.

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