iPhone 14 Plus, was “iPhone 14 Max” until just before the announcement? Find clues on the official website

Among the iPhone 14 series, the standard model “iPhone 14 Plus” with a 6.7-inch screen was expected to become the “iPhone 14 Max” before the announcement. Although it was eventually discontinued, clues were revealed that Apple was indeed trying to name it as the “iPhone 14 Max.”

↑ Image: Apple

Dutch Apple information website iCreate has found traces that the “iPhone 14 Plus” may have become the “iPhone 14 Max” shortly before the announcement. The clue was on none other than Apple’s official website.

One is a list page of successive iPhones. If you try to save the iPhone 14 Plus image locally, you can see that the file name is “iPhone-14-max-colors” (confirmed on the Japanese page).

↑ From Apple’s official website

The name “iPhone 14 Max” also continues in the official news release announcing the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max. This can be confirmed by the alt tag in the source code, not the text.

↑ From Apple’s official website

Finally, the product compliance page also has a photo that says “iPhone 14 Max”. At the time of writing, it has been corrected to “iPhone 14 Plus”, but it is given the same serial number A2886 as “iPhone 14 Max”, so it is considered that the product name has just changed.

↑ From Apple’s official website

As these “iPhone 14 Max” descriptions still exist, or have remained until recently, it appears that Apple hastily switched to the “iPhone 14 Plus”. It’s not known why the change was made, but iCreate speculates that adding “Max” to the standard model could be confusing with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sure, the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max have the same 6.7-inch screen. If it’s close to the name, I thought it was cheap as a top end model and ordered it, but the standard model arrived and I was flooded with complaints.

Source: iCreate

through: 9 to 5 Mac

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