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From August 13 to August 20, 2022, the 12th Beijing International Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Film Festival”) was officially held in Beijing. At the same time, the “12th Beijing International Film Festival · Beijing Film Festival on the Cloud” jointly organized by iQIYI and the Beijing Film Festival was launched on August 10. As the exclusive partner and exclusive high-definition online video platform of the Beijing Film Festival on the cloud, iQIYI will continue to bring the fastest, latest and most comprehensive Beijing Film Festival news to the industry and

The launch of each Beijing Film Festival will almost trigger a phenomenon-level movie-watching crash, but at the same time, there is also a group frenzy of “crazy ticket grabbing” every year. As a member of the “World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as PCA Alliance), iQIYI carefully selected 84 high-quality domestic and foreign films with various themes and genres this year. Establishment of “First Perspective”, “Argentine Film Week”, “Special Exhibition Welcome to the 20th National Congress”, “Review of the work of the Chairman of the Tiantan Prize Jury”, “New Internet Wave”, “Beijing National Film Festival”, ” Beijing International Sports Film Week” “,” Hong Kong Films “The 9 screening units of “Liufang” and “Global Vision” cover classic film and television works that are widely loved by audiences such as “Changjin Lake”, “Operation Red Sea”, “1921”, “Wandering the Earth” and “Setting Up the Party”. For the first time, the films shown at the “Online Northern Film Festival” adopted high dynamic range video standard Vivid HDR released by PCA Alliance. The audience can appreciate the vivid color gradation and more details, immersing themselves in the scene, and can better understand the intentional expression of the artwork. It is not difficult to find that iQIYI has created a platform watching films online for audiences across time, space and region, and has solving enthusiastic demands “it’s hard to get one ticket” and “out of reach” for most moviegoers.

As a high dynamic range video standard formulated by the PCA Alliance, HDR Vivid has developed rapidly in the field of ultra-high definition video, and made great progress in ecological construction. It has now run through all aspects of the industry chain of’ such. such as content creation, platform services, and final presentation. In January 2022, the State Administration of Radio and Television published the industry standard “Technical Requirements for Display Adaptation Metadata of High Dynamic Range Television Systems” (GY/T 358-2022), and carried out an industrialization promotion under its brand name “HDR” himself. Vivid”, which also states that HDR Vivid has become the standard of the national radio and television industry. With friendlier technical standards, more convenient production processes, and wider equipment and platform support, the PCA Alliance will continue to innovate with partners in the high-definition video industry, large-scale end-to-end application improvement, and jointly create a prosperous industrial ecosystem and enable use Users can watch the most real “fantastic” world anytime, anywhere.

During the 12th Beijing Film Festival, the majority of film and TV enthusiasts can watch the “great” movies brought by HDR Vivid through “Beijing Film Festival on the Cloud” without fear of time, space and geographical limitations. Here, you can immerse yourself in:

In “Changjin Lake”, the US military is pushing forward cautiously, and the platoon leader “Lei Gong” is calmly counting the seconds. When the second round of flash bombs is about to go out, the signal whistle through the valley. In the eyes of the US army with surprise and fear, the explosion of fire immediately sent the US army Looking back, he retreated and froze at that moment. The battle ended when the victorious horn sounded, and the clear rhythm of the ambush ended with the destruction of the signal tower. HDR Vivid supports a frame-level dynamic metadata adjustment feature, which pushes the momentary highlights to be brighter, so that the picture presents a more noticeable transition from light to dark, with a strong visual impact and tense ambush rhythms are displayed penetratingly and vividly;

In “King Kong River”, round after round of air raids and engineers’ perseverance to bridge bridges are maintained, and the anti-aircraft artillery positions and US fighter planes fiercely attack and defend against the earth and the sky. The grenade pierced the night sky. Thanks to the higher brightness range and the wide color range of HDR Vivid, the tense and tragic battle between the two sides in changing light and darkness was perfectly presented. When the flames lit up the screen twice, when the chant of “Eternal Love, Reckless People” ended, when the soldiers stepped on the bridge to pass through the King Kong River, the anti-aircraft artillery positions and the bridge completed the historical freeze. , and the immortal monument engraved in my mind;

In “The Wandering Earth”, in the future world, the sun is aging and expanding rapidly, and is about to swallow the earth. The coalition government launched a “Wandering Earth” plan to push the earth out of the solar system. Under the Vivid HDR image quality, the world of minus 84 ° C surface is presented to the audience, the coldness shown by the cold color almost floods the screen, making people immerse themselves in it. “Irregular driving, two lines of tears for relatives” are the familiar and discordant voice prompts, the glowing cockpit, the spectacular hundreds of planetary machines, and the International Space Station navigator in space. The sudden failure of the 3319 planetary engine units is hard to come by, and the tense plot of the blue rover about to hit Jupiter continues.

All the “splendour” at the North Wales Film Festival is on the cloud, let’s log in immediately, see you on the “cloud”!

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